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Dunkin’ Donuts has a variety of jobs available


Dunkin’ Donuts regularly hires entry level associates to fill part time and full time positions. Crew members that are selected from the online Dunkin’ Donuts application process can expect to experience a food service experience that can flourish into higher level management opportunities. Whether you are looking for summer work for extra cash, or wish to begin a career in food service, Dunkin’ Donuts has many employment prospects that can offer great benefits with competitive pay. You may find that you really enjoy working at Dunkin’ Donuts where you get to express your creativity and love for sweet confections.

The essential Dunkin’ Donut job opportunities are these that directly interact with the customers:

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Dunkin’ Donuts Restaurant Job Opportunities:

Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants require the best associates with supreme attention to detail and an appetite for excellence to provide the quality food they have become known for. As a Dunkin’ Donuts employee, you will be a representative of greatness, bringing your attentiveness to customer satisfaction into the workplace. The utmost concern with health and safety standards is a requirement of a great employee. Working around hot ovens and machinery can be dangerous if safety procedures are not observed, so it is important to understand the requirements of the job up front.

Everyone loves donuts and coffee, and Dunkin’ Donuts gives consumers the best of both worlds. Great donuts make very happy customers!

  • Crew Member: Crew member positions do not usually require any formal education or experience so long as you are willing to be trained for the position. Entry level associates focused on serving the public and maintaining excellence in the workplace are essential to every thriving business. As a Dunkin’ Donuts crew member you may be tasked with the preparation of products for customer, maintaining a clean work environment, and serve customer at the cash registers. Crew members with experience may also be asked to assist in the training and developing of new talent. You may be asked to perform a variety of duties on an as needed basis.
  • Baker/ Finisher: The primary food prep position at Dunkin’ Donuts is the baker/finisher. Bakers prepare a range of pastry goods from bagels, breads, and of course, Donuts. Basic job requirements include the ability to measure ingredients, perform consistent quality checks and extreme attention to cleanliness. Bakers are trained on the job by experienced Dunkin’ Donuts cooks to continue the legacy of deliciousness that began in 1950. Baker/finisher positions require a level of creativity and an attitude for fun, great designs and confections. Great donuts start with how they look behind the counter.
  • Shift Leader: Shift leaders are the leaders of the pastry pack, and service specialists. Shift leaders are the keepers of accountability for Dunkin’ Donuts crew members. As a shift leader you will be tasked with the responsibilities of delegating responsibility amongst employees according to standards set by assistant and store managers. It is also important that shift leaders are able to communicate objectives effectively and ensure that every customers needs are met in a timely and respectful manner.

Regional Job Opportunities: Regional opportunities consist of administration, corporate and developmental positions posted through the Dunkin’ Donuts website links for both U.S. and worldwide locations. Sorting these positions by locale is a great way to find a position suited to your needs. Locations outside the U.S. include Dubai, and parts of Asia. These positions range from analysts to construction of new franchise locations.

Franchise Information: If franchising a Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant is your goal then you will have a huge support team of over 1100 corporate employees to help guide you through the process of training, leasing land and hiring staff. lists the basic necessities you will need to get started on your way to owning your very own Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant. Franchising involves a multi-step process requiring very detailed financial and personal information. Background checks, Credit checks and business plan preparation will all be required during the progression towards breaking ground and hiring the team that will drive your success.